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Clown Shoes-Luchedor en Fuego


Clown Shoes 2016 edition of Luchador En Fuego is a BA stout clocking in at an 11% ABV. Nice cinnamon and smooth vanilla coming through in the beginning, complimented by the bourbon barrels. Very enjoyable brew, nice chocolate notes also flow smoothly as you sip this brew. Though said to have extra ancho chille  and added chipotle peppers, the heat on the back end is extremely mild to none. This brew is aged in wild turkey and heaven hill barrels. Over all an enjoyable brew, just could have used a little more heat to balance it out. Cheers!


Caramelized Chocolate Churro Baltic Porter


Chicago’s Moody Tongue Brewing Company has established its brewery with three highly stylized flagship beers. The most highly rated of the three is their Baltic Porter, Caramelized Chocolate Churro. Last week I broke down and finally bought a 4-pack of this beer whose name alone makes my mouth water. I say “broke down” because this is a $15 4-pack, and as such is one of the most expensive 4-packs on the shelves. It is also not so far away in flavor and ingredients from Clown Shoes Chocolate Sombrero, but $5 more expensive. The question is should price impact your overall impression of a beer? Should you expect more from a beer that costs $3.75 a bottle vs. $2.50 a bottle vs. $1.67 a bottle?

This is a quality, well-balanced beer that packs in a lot of flavor for a 7% porter. It is brewed with Madagascar vanilla, Mexican cinnamon, and Oaxacan chocolate. It is a beer that I would say you need to try, but may fall short of separating itself as much as its price would suggest.


Almanac Truthful Statement

Hello again!  So Almanac-Truthful Statement.  What can I say, so glad these guys distro. to Illinois now. Their sour program is great, a little pricey for the bottle size you get but great! This one I believe to be cocktail inspired (old fashioned).  A delicious (Woodford reserve) bourbon barrel aged sour stout.  With orange peel and cherries. Coats the pallet nicely, a delicious sipper.  Cheers!

truthful statement almanac


Deschutes Abyss 2015

Abyss is Deschutes barrel aged stout weighing in at12.2% a.b.v. I had last year’s, aged past the drink after date and this years fresh. I would never ever age this beer. I believe it had lost all of its delicious complexities, just from my personal experience. Very nice wine Barrel, followed by smooth bourbon barrel. Some vanilla up front, very oaky. Hint of cherry and molasses I believe smooths it out just a little more. While I’m sure I may have missed some things, nice complex brew. Over all enjoyed this one, this time much more than the last. Cheers! abyss