Goodbye Arcade

Arcade Brewing announced earlier this month that they were shutting down production. Their beers were brewed at the home of Ale Syndicate who lost their lease in early December. The future of Ale Syndicate is still up in the air, but they have said they plan to return 2017.

Arcade launched nearly 3 years ago with flagships including Grapefruit IPA and Mega Milk. Their video game theme and collaborations were always invented. Their presents in the Chicago beer scene will be missed.


Why Rare?

This past Monday Goose Island made a surprising drop at most local Binny’s and release a bounty of 2015 Bourbon County Rare. The question many are asking is why? Was it to show appreciation to the loyal fans that suffered through last year’s infected beers? Or was was it to make up for the money they lost in having to issue so many refunds over the last year. With a $70 price they should put a pretty big dent in any deficit they might have had.


Upcoming from Pipeworks

I’m not sure if Pipeworks is behind schedule but two of their next releases reference Thanksgiving and Turkeys. In the coming week the Brewery will be releasing the fantastically named A Couple Two Tree, a 9% ABV Bark Ale brewed with Spruce Tips and Aged on Oak Spirals.

They will also be releasing the next installment in what is now clearly a series of Berliner beers, the 4% ABV Mango.

Pipeworks has also announced the next installment in their DIPA with honey fish series, Devil Firefish. This is a Citra-hopped 9.5% ABV Imperial IPA brewed with honey and Apricot Puree.