Upcoming from Off Color

Off Color announced their next three releases this week. First up is Class War, 9.5% ABV Gotlandsdricka brewed with honey, Juniper Berries, and Pear Wood Smoked Malt, which will be released on January 20th.

Coffee DinoSmores will be released on January 27th in 12oz/2-packs.

The third release is Myshka, and it does not have a release date. This is a 3.5% Russian Style Serf Stout. It will be available in 4 packs.


Dans LaRue

Marz released a very limited quantity of their new 6.1% ABV Brett Saison aged Wine Barrels with Nelson Sauvin hops, Dans LaRue. This is beer was aged for a year and is also bottle conditioned with Champagne yeast. This marks the first Brett beer and first bottled conditioned beer from Marz.