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Almanac in Cans


Almanac, like several other breweries, has chosen 2016 to be the year they begin canning. The San Francisco brewery has released four canned offerings including the delicious sounding Mandarina, a tart farmhouse ale brewed with tangerine and oranges. In addition, you will be able to find a San Francisco IPA, Saison Dolores, and Craft Pilsner.


Almanac Truthful Statement

Hello again!  So Almanac-Truthful Statement.  What can I say, so glad these guys distro. to Illinois now. Their sour program is great, a little pricey for the bottle size you get but great! This one I believe to be cocktail inspired (old fashioned).  A delicious (Woodford reserve) bourbon barrel aged sour stout.  With orange peel and cherries. Coats the pallet nicely, a delicious sipper.  Cheers!

truthful statement almanac