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Upcoming from Destihl

screenshot-2016-11-22-16-23-10Destihl announced today that they will be releasing two new beers in December. Bourbon Barrel Aged Antiquity will be bottled for the first time, and takes the breweries Rye Wine, Antiquity and ages it in Bourbon Barrels.

They will also be releasing the next installment in their Metallurgy Sour series, Apple. Just as with Pear, this Wild Ale will be aged in Stainless Steel.




Destihl announced yesterday that are bottling Privyet, the Russian Imperial Stout that is the base beer for their award winning barrel-aged beer Dosvidanya. This 12.4% ABV 80 IBU Russian Imperial Stout will only be released in Illinois and will be hitting shelves by the end of March. #privyet #russianimperialstout #Destihl