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Two new Double IPA’s from Spiteful

Grumpy Greg
Spiteful has announced that distro on two new Double IPA’s will begin next week. Disco Stu Likes Disco Music is a 9.2% ABV IIPA hopped with El Dorado and Simcoe. Grumpy Greg follows Disheveled Dave and Dumb Donald and is a 9.2% ABV brewed with Mandarin Oranges. Spiteful’s IPA game has either fallen off or just been out-shadowed by the likes of Mikerphone and Hubbard’s Cave over the last several months. It may be a taste preference, but it seems that the last several releases, going back to Whale Tickler, have just not had a lot of flavor or anything all that interesting going on. Hopefully these two can help turn things around.

On the bright side they always kill it on the labels and stories! #SpitefulBrewing #DrinkItFresh

Disco Stu